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Bollywood product placement coup

Watching a recent Bollywood remake of the Hollywood Stepmom original, one might be forgiven for wond

by Anjli Raval Financial Times

The reason for pervasive product placement has to do with a new concept in India's advertising world that is gaining traction: 360-degree marketing. Not only are advertisers now visible on the big screen, they are benefiting from their own film release-associated adverts.
Two-thirds of the film was shot in a kitchen made by German brand Poggenpohl With the release of the movie, which had trailers featuring Tupperware and Poggenpohl products, the companies themselves released associated adverts.
Product placement in Bollywood has been around since 2006, but 360-degree marketing is a new trend. product_placement_picdm_281
Rajnish Sahay, chief executive of Percept Talent Management, a Mumbaibased specialist in 360- degree marketing, says: "Brands have realised that product placements alone do not give the returns that these companies are looking for. Integrated association with a movie with a strong banner of producers and actors, makes much more brand sense".
So does a blockbuster come with a blockbuster price tag for advertisers? Depending on how embedded companies want their products to be, they will hand over between Rs3Om and Rs2bn ($660,000 and $44.4m).
Anshu Bagai, Tupperware marketing director, says 360-degree marketing is worth the price tag: "Movies are a passion for Indians. Thus association with a Bollywood movie is an excellent way to position our product in Indian culture and take our brand to every home".
Another film released this year, Aisha, a film about a young, glamorous woman who navigates her way through fashionable Delhi, was associated with L'Oreal Paris. The company's adverts at the time of the film's release featured the leading actress, Sonam Kapoor. But while industry players speak highly of the marketing technique, some fear that the position of film producer and brand manager may be blurred.
Sahay says: "I'm sure, we are not far away from a time when a brand will approach a script writer or producer, in order that a film can be made for a particular product. It may even be that the product is already endorsed by a particular celebrity, so the company may even dictate who stars in the film itself".

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