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Chapter 7 - The Market Quote
King maker and player
Apart from the incidence of the productive apparatuses of the diverse nations on the total of cinema activity, the reports of CINETEL also permit, with the attributions of takings for every individual motion picture, the determination of the divisions of the quota of market demand of the numerous distributors thereby permitting an evaluation of the effective competitiveness (and not only the specific impact) of one system rather than another. This is because the importance relative to a ‘kingmaker’ in comparison to other ‘players’ can render the competition rather simple and the possible development of a market challenge either concrete or merely theoretical, precisely in line with the analyses of the influence-invasion of the United States cinema and the resulting weaknesses of national production.
In terms of this the data of CINETEL relative to the last two seasons offers an outline which is proposed in the following table.

Source elaborated from: “Il cinema italiano in numeri” report – calendar year 2007 and 2008 – edited by Ufficio studi/CED of ANICA (Associazione nazionale industrie cinematografiche audiovisive e multimediali) on CERVED data.

The indicated amounts in millions of euro are removed from the real, acquired turnover reported on financial statements by the various companies entered in the table of the previous chapter. The CINETEL reports draw from, as stated, a significant sample of the market (not in its entirety) and register the takings accredited to distribution companies, even if, a concrete and consistent part of such takings (varying between 60% and 65%) finish in different destinations: for instance, towards film studios and business and finance companies. Furthermore, CINETEL reports also draw from the sole earnings from the box office, to the exclusion of all those obtained from other diffusion circuits – with home video and television in the lead – which represent, in turn, over two thirds of the resources which the sales of a film can, overall, generate. Their value is divers.


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