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Chapter 5 - Profession and Job Market
Staff Screening
Thanks to the data and statistics of ENPALS – significant, in particular, as will be seen, for arriving at an estimate of the retributive levels of the sector and of the economic values of the various types of efficiency – one can, for example, delineate a territorial map of the entrepreneurial and human resources which animate the national cinema. Keeping in consideration as a first, preliminary two circumstances.
The first concerns the effective consistency of entrepreneurial and company patrimony within the Italian cinema industry. The discrepancy between the number of active companies (9,071 active, of which 4,400 are limited companies for the databanks of the Italian Chamber of Commerce; 3,471 in 2006 and 3,520 in 2007on the ENPALS register) appears comprehensible in light of the real practicality of the same companies, from the voluntarity which submits, in such cases, to the adhesion of the providential and assistance regimes, whereas to the Register of companies it is obligatory and indispensable for launching any activity, but, above all, for having dependents on contract for an unlimited period of time or a limited period of time with the consequent necessity of regularizing the position and from the choice on the part of the owners or the associates of the smaller companies to enrol or less on the pay books or to put themselves as an eventual occasional collaborator.
The second circumstance concerns a certain incongruence between the various “repertories” as to the geographical distribution of the productive apparatus and to the relative weight of the Roman and Lazio cinema poles on the national total, given their concrete incidence, decisive to the equilibrated measurement of the potentiality and territorial capacity. Also in this case the statistical dichotomy – 28.8% of companies for Cerved and 45.5% of employed for ISTAT, as opposed to the respective quotas of 42.9% and 62.3% for Enpals – depending on the nature of both the studies (those of Cerved and Enpals are censuses, one on the whole sector, the other internal to the sphere of competence; that of ISTAT is a survey) as well as the diverse bodies. In particular, as stated, the focus of the mission of Enpals and of the motivations for adhesion is tied to the occupational and contractual status with the purpose of providential and assistance treatment, for which the structural and company entrenchment of the operators of capital become emphasized, rendering plausible, in this sense, the separation of certain orders of size.

Elaborated from data of “Lavoratori e imprese dello spettacolo e dello sport professionistico: principali dati occupazionali e retributivi” edited by the statistical-actuarial coordination of Enpals, Rome 2008.

The data of the mutual societies – which confirm the role of Milan as second region as well as the importance of the three poles of Piedmont, Emilia Romagna and Campania, according to the statistics of Cerved permit a profound analysis of the job market and to verify the occupational structure of the sector. A portfolio, that of cinema activity, so various as to represent in reality, from a professional point of view, a type of improper reference sample.
Above all, in consideration of the rapid and constant evolution which continues to pass through, as substantiated by the quota of new companies out of the total of activity: for over 60% were founded in the last twenty years (only 12% and 20.4% in the twenty years prior to that), with 66.6% in the area of production. Furthermore, in light of the company disintegration as a result of corporate designation, size and class of turnover, which has its active principles in the same nature of the product and in its means of production: the two basic conditions which finish rendering paradigmatic the fragmentation of the job market in all areas of the sector.


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