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Chapter 4 - Companies and private enterprise
A Reference Sample
In the company overview distribution in terms of legal form is a tell-tale demonstration of the levels of size in which the various subjects operate and furthermore the situation of the film industry is seen to be analogous to those of all other Italian companies, among which structures of a small or indeed very small dimension predominate – reaching, as noted, 90% of the total. The organic layout of the national cinema is clearly shown by the subdivisions in terms of classes of turnover of all the limited companies, this permits us to appreciate – despite certain difficulties – the state of evolution and the extent of development of the sector in its entirety.
In the following table, divided into groups of ten in terms of value of total proceeds, one can, for example, individuate in the first instance an imaginary borderline of one million euro, where the percentage distribution seems to signal with sufficient clarity a relative divergence of action potential – with relative prospects of market visibility.
Of the 4,400 limited companies which operate in the sector, over 3,650 (equal to 83.3%) with a turnover of less than one million cover just 10.7% of the total turnover; of the 3,064 production companies, little more than 2,590 (74.6%) contribute solely 12.9% of the cumulative total proceeds; of the 382 companies involved in film distribution, around 290 (corresponding to 76.0% of the entire category) earn only 4.7% of the total revenue; of the 670 operators involved in the industry – always as limited companies constituted in terms of legal form – over 540 (equal to 80.9% of the total) contribute only for 17.2% of the global value of the sector.

Elaborated from Cerved data -
* The global revenue raised by the companies belonging to this class in reality is less (even if by little) than the 0.1% of the total  accumulated by the diverse sectors, however, the data has been rounded off to that value to simplify the understanding of the economic picture outlined in the table..

Aside from their size, in large measure small, the question is which revenues really divide companies in the film industry and  which effective capacities and economic forces do they actually  express?


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