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Chapter 2 - The enlargement of the sector
Data for Market Efficiency
Any entity responsible for the management of important “parts” of cinema activity, from the Ministry of Cultural Heritage to SIAE, from professional associations to the various regional observational institutions, substantially operates with watertight sectors and, furthermore, if the quantity of data gathered were actually congruous, the quality still leaves a lot to be desired: it treats, in large measure of partial information and, therefore, is often insufficient for obtaining a precise account of the productive reality of this sector of activity. As is revealed by “Relazione sull’utilizzazione del Fus” (‘Report on the use of FUS (Unique Fund for Performing Arts))’ edited by the organization ‘Osservatorio dello spettacolo’ “if the comparisons of the obtained data were possible, it would also be possible to calculate the indicators for observing changes in cultural phenomena or for measuring the effectiveness of adopted policies”.
From this it can be reasonably affirmed that the persistent lack of information is, in itself, a symptom of inefficiency and this reason alone ought to stimulate operators and observers to fill in an enormous gap of this nature. In general, the first are those that can furnish the most substantial contributions having direct access to the relevant information. Nevertheless, until now such a choice has shown itself partially and occasionally (with certain notable exceptions) at the point wherein even a simple datum such as the total turnover from a film – including cinema takings, home video sales, television rights, licensing, and various other concessions – is, to date, controversial and not unequivocally available.
Perhaps the most convincing representation of the state of research for an adequate statistical and economic documentation of the cinema industry requires a citation from an explosive exchange of lines in the film Lover Come Back!. To an impertinent Doris Day who asks “Excuse me…Excuse me, I’m looking for Mr.Miller” , Jack Oakie (drunkenly) answers: “You’ll never find me!”.


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