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Chapter 1 - An atypical product
The Prevalence of the Economy
An essential point of reference, therefore, for every analysis cannot be other than substantially overcoming the traditional dichotomy between art and industry, being fully conscious of the fact that if any evaluation becomes subordinated to the priority of artistic content then any consideration of the cinema as an economic asset is reasonably nullified. On the contrary, an analysis of the economic-financial order does not exclude a priori the possibility of examining the nature, value and quality of the artistic and cultural content of the film, nor, least of all, the form and instruments for safeguarding also the management, the formation and the development of the new protagonists of the cinema.
"Whilst painting and music have existed for thousands of years" , explains Louis Delluc, theorist of the cinema considered the founder of film criticism "cinema hasn’t. The contemporary world assisted in the birth of a new art form, in as much as it is not a sort of virgin territory nor is it deprived of culture: it has rapidly obtained elements drawn from the whole sum of human knowledge. That which makes the cinema great is the fact that it is the sum – and even the synthesis – of many other art forms. The cinema is also an industry, and many other things besides. A film maker cannot make a film wholly ignorant of everything. The necessity of involving large amounts of capital places the artist in a precise condition for the realization of their work. It is, therefore, impossible to carry out a study of the history of cinema as an art form without referring to its industrial aspects. And industry is inseparable from society, from its economics and from its technology".(8)

8 In support of his convictions Louis Delluc added the following observation: “Van Gogh died without having sold a single one of his paintings, Rimbaud could have disappeared leaving only the manuscript of his poems, there work, however, would have equally made them famous. If such work could have been created with the moderate costs of some paper and some ink or some canvas and some colours, there is the need for a great deal of money before projecting a reel of film”.


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